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How To Get Your VW Radio Code

Here at, we pride ourselves on being able to unlock all Volkswagen radios online in minutes.

All that we need to unlock your VW radio is the correct serial number from your stereo.

Every Volkswagen radio is guaranteed to be unlocked and covered by our 100% VW radio unlock guarantee.


Getting your VW serial number

Volkswagen serial numbers are printed on the rear of the stereo. This means to obtain your serial the radio will need to come out of the dashboard.

This sounds difficult but is very easy to do, all that is needed are the correct radio release keys.

These can be bought on amazon for cheap or from your local car audio shop.

These keys slot into each corner of the radio and with little pressure the radio will free from the dash.

Other models of Volkswagen radio are removed by prying the plastic trim surrounding the radio and then removing the 4 screws holding the unit in place.

All VW serial number begin “VWZ” all are unique to your radio. An example of this would be “VWZ1Z3L2345678”.

This serial is printed on the sticker label on the back of the casing. For any reason you cannot see this serial. VW compress this into the metal casing of the radio also located on the back.

Now you have your correct serial, please fill in the required fields and your email to get your radio code in minutes online.

Volkswagen SAT NAV serial number

The process of obtaining the serial number is the same as a standard radio, though there is a difference between the two.

A VW radios serial will contain a”7” as the sixth digit in the serial number. These codes are slightly harder to unlock and are from a completely different Volkswagen database.

How to enter a Volkswagen radio code

Entering the code into a VW radio is easy, all that is required is pre-ser buttons 1-4.

Each of these numbers represent the codes columns, for example pressing button 3 multiple times will change the third digit in the code only.

Here is an example of how to enter a VW radio code [3428]:

  • Start with button “1” and press 3 times until three displays.
  • Move to button “2” and press this four times for the four to show on the screen.
  • Press button “3” twice and a two will show on the display.
  • Finally press button “4” eight times, once finished the correct code will be displayed on the radio.

Now we just need to press the confirmation button on the radio. This varies from different models of Volkswagen radio.

But until this is pressed the radio will not unlock.

The most common confirmation buttons on VW radio are:

  • “Scan” & “Mode”
  • “Enter”
  • Button “5”
  • The “>>” button

Vw Radio Code FAQ’s

how to get my VW radio code for free?

Unfortunately, you are unable to get the code for your Volkswagen free, this is because the code retrieval request has to be paid for to find from the official database.

We try to keep our VW codes as cheap as possible whilst guaranteeing all our codes work.

How do I find my VW radio code

When the car is made from new, the radio code is placed within the documents on a card. This card is often thrown away as the car ages. Because of this the only way to find your VW radio code is to retrieve it using the serial number on the back of the radio.

How to reset VW radio code

All VW radios can be unlocked, this is easy, and all is done online from the serial number.

There is no way of changing the radio code on a Volkswagen to one that you can remember as the radio code is programmed to be a static random four digit decode.

what is my VW radio code?

The radio code is designed as an anti-theft device.

When the power is disconnected from the radio, it will require a code to regain access to the music again.

When the power is disconnected from the radio, it will require a code to regain access to the music again. Though it is common for VWs to need a code when mechanical work is done because the battery has been disconnected. Or it could be the battery going flat which makes the radio assume it has been taken out the vehicle.


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