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How to Find your Dodge Radio Code

Serials for these car models are located on the back of the radio.

Remove the radio using a prying tool to remove the outer plastic surrounding the unit.

Once removed, there are 4 screws hold the unit in place and once taken out the radio will be free.

Dodge Label

The serial is printed on a label stuck on the casing of the stereo itself and begins with T and is 14 digits and letters long.

Example: T00AM394958584

2013+ model serial numbers beginning A2C for example: A2C94848489393

How to Enter your Dodge Radio Code

Turn on the radio, “CODE” should be displayed on the screen

To enter the code only requires the use of pre-set buttons 14.

Start with button 1 pressing multiple times until the correct first digit is shown on the screen

Next repeat the same with buttons 2,3 and 4 until the correct code is displayed.

If you go past your desired number, keep pressing until cycled past 9 and goes back to 0.

The enter button on Dodge radios varies on each model but 90% of units are holding the “ENTER” or “OK” button for 2-5 seconds to confirm the code into the radio.