Renault Radio Code From The VIN

Renault Radio Codes Available From The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

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How to Find your Renault Radio Code

On most passenger cars, you may find the VIN number on the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side.

The best way to see it is to look through the windshield from outside the car.

You may also find the VIN number on the driver’s side door pillar.

Renault VIN

Renault VIN example: VF1FL000463007475

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How to Enter your Renault Radio Code By VIN Number

Entering a Renault radio code is easy, pressing pre-set button 1 will cycle through the numbers with each press.

Numbers 1,2,3,4 represent each column, for example pressing button 3 multiple times will change the third digit in your code.

Once the correct radio code is displayed on the screen, press and hold button 6 to confirm the code into the system.