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How to Find your Jaguar Radio Code

Serials on jaguars are always located on the back of the radio itself. The serial number is printed on the label.

To remove a jaguar radio is easy to do and requires just a prying tool and a phillips screwdriver.

Remove the outer casing surrounding the radio, this is held in place with built in clips.

Then remove the 4 screws holding the radio in place.

Once remove the serial is printed on the label or in some cases the serial is compressed into the metal casing of the radio itself.

Jaguar Label

On the casing of the radio is a label with your unique serial number printed, all Jaguar radios begin “JAC” and 14 digits and letters long.

Note: if the label is damaged for any reason the serial number is also compressed into the metal casing.

Jaguar serial number example: JACN2060713206

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How to Enter your Jaguar Radio Code

Most jaguar radios are touchscreen and entering is as simple as typing the code and pressing enter.

If you have an older jaguar radio code, use buttons 1,2,3 and 4 to enter the code in manually.

Pressing until the code correctly appears on the display.