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How to Find your Blaupunkt Radio Code

To find the Serial Number required to unlock the Blaupunkt radio in your car or van, you would need to remove the radio using a set of Blaupunkt Radio Release Keys.

Once you have removed the radio, you will be able to locate the unique serial number and part number.

Blaupunkt Label

On the casing of the radio is a label with your unique serial number printed beginning with GM or BP

Audi serial number example: AL 2910 Y 01 04000

How to Enter your Blaupunkt Radio Code

1. Switch on ignition.

2. Switch on the radio, if turned off.

3. The display shows ‘CODE’.

4. Press and hold AS button 8, until a beep is heard and release the AS button. The display shows ’10 _ _ _ _’, which indicates that you have ten attempts left at entering the correct PIN code.

5. Enter the PIN code (see Security Card)with preset buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4.