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How To Find Your Radio Serial Number
And Generate The Unlock Code With Radio Code Generator:

If you have faced one of this situations (dead fuse, battery change  or dead battery) most likely the radio unit had entered in SAFE MODE and you will need an unlock radio CODE. But no worries, with our help and support you will have your CODE in a few moments, you will only need the serial number, depending on the car you can find it on the radio screen or on the radio label. 

Step 1: Find Your Radio Serial Number!
If you own a car older than 2005 you most likely will find the serial number on the back or the side of the radio unit. You just have to partially  remove the radio from the dashboard and you will see the serial number on the sticker on the back of the radio. If you own a newer car in some cases you can display the radio’s serial number on the screen. You have to press buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6. 
So you know you can always find more detailed information on how to find your serial number by visiting the page  on our website of the car that you own, see Models.

Step 2: Find Your Radio Unlock Code

  • 1. Check the car’s manual: this is the fastest way to unlock your radio. Some cars may have the radio code displayed there (on the cover or on a label) but in the case you don’t have it, proceed with the next step.
  • 2. In rare cases the radio code may be located on the radio label, on the back or the side of the radio. Your will have to partially remove the radio unit form the dashboard. Depending on your radio model you have all the information required on how to do it on our site, just choose your car manufacturer and follow the process.
  • 3. Use an specialized Online service to generate your unlock radio code. If you can’t find the code on the car’s manual or the radio label just with your serial number your can generate your code online. This process is faster and cheaper than a visit to a local Dealership. The process is very simple, just use your serial number, provide the email address where your want to receive your code and you will have the code in moments.
  •  4. Visit a local dealership. Here the process may be a bit slow and more expensive that the ones above, but if you chose to do it a dealership can generate your unlock code too. 

Step 3: Generate Your Unlock Radio Code Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. All you need are your Car’s radio serial number and an valid email address where your want to receive the code.
  2.  Then press the button “Get your code now!” 
  3.  Now just enter the radio serial number, followed by the email address where you want to receive your code.
  4.  The next step is to finalize the payment procedure.
  5.  After the transaction will be validated your code will be generated and sent toyou at the provided email address in just a few seconds. 

Step 4: How To Enter Your Radio Code!

First turn your vehicle radio ON. The word ‘SAFE’‘CODE‘ or ‘LOCKED’ may appear on screen. If you have a stereo with buttons, use those to enter the code, if your code is 2314 enter 2-3-1-4. Be aware for some radios you have to repeatedly press button 1 until you see the correct number, for the next numbers you have to do the same. If you have a stereo system with touch screen use the numbers on the screen.  After this your radio should unlock automatically.  If for any reason your code does not work you just have to CONTACT our support team to help you solve your problem and answer any other question you may have.

What Is A Radio Code?

The unlock radio code of a car is a security measure implemented by most of the vehicle manufacturers to prevent unauthorized access to a car’s audio system. It is a unique numeric code that needs to be entered into the car’s radio or multimedia unit to unlock it after it has been disconnected from the vehicle’s power source or if the battery has been changed.

Why Car Radios Require A Code?

The purpose of the radio codes is to prevent theft and ensure that only the rightful owner can use the car’s audio system. The code is typically provided to the vehicle owner by the manufacturer or can be obtained from authorized online services.

How Car Radio Codes Are Generated?

The process of generating unlock radio codes involves complex algorithms that take into account various elements specific to each car manufacturer and radio unit. These algorithms are designed to ensure that the generated codes are unique and cannot be easily guessed or replicated. Our radio code generator service will provide an 100% working code.

Car Radio Code Retrieval Methods:

Radio code retrieval methods involve obtaining the unique unlock code for a car’s radio system. This can be done by contacting on dealership, who can retrieve the code using the vehicle’s identification details. Alternatively, online code retrieval services are available, where car owners can provide some information about their car and radio unit to receive the corresponding unlock code.


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