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How to Find your Honda Radio Code

There are 2 ways of finding your Honda serial number.

Method 1

Some models of radio allow the serial to be shown on the display.

To do this, hold down buttons 1 & 6 together until the screen display a series of numbers.

Your serial will be similar to the following example: U3000 L1234.

If for any reason the serial does not show, you must use method 2 to obtain your serial number.

Method 2

Removing the radio from the dash is needed for many Honda and can be done Easily with prying tools and a screwdriver.

First remove the surrounding plastic from around the radio, this will reveal the 4 screws holding the unit in place.

Once removed, all Honda radios are made with a sticker label on the back or side, this is where your serial number is located.

Example serial numbers: U3000L1234 or 22042493.

If your serial begins with 4000, your radio must be decoded by a local dealership only.

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How to Enter your Honda Radio Code

Turn on the radio, “CODE” should be displayed on the screen

To enter the code only requires the use of pre-set buttons 14.

Start with button 1 pressing multiple times until the correct first digit is shown on the screen

Next repeat the same with buttons 2,3 and 4 until the correct code is displayed.

If you go past your desired number, keep pressing until cycled past 9 and goes back to 0.

To input your Honda Radio Code you need to press and hold one of the following for a few seconds and let go: 5, 6 button.